The essence of the Balaton – the wine, the food and the landscape


The Balaton is a timeless region where man has enjoyed life and lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years. Whether we are talking about the Roman elite of Saint Donatus’s days, church dignitaries from the Middle Ages, or the global citizens of the modern world, people will always find their home at the Balaton. We live and work on the estate conscious of its history, and strive to provide each visitor with this experience.

Tamás Kovács


Our estate bears the name of the patron saint who protects the grapes of Csopak from summer storms. The early Christian saint who lived during the period of Pannonia is also a historical link connecting together the local wine culture’s Roman beginnings, the 1000-year ecclesiastical past of the grapes of Csopak, and the climate challenges of modern times.


Borkúria Bistro

It is very important to us that the appropriate gastronomical context is set for the wines produced on our terroir. Our main cornerstones are freshness and regionality. Chef Zoltán Endrédi and his team create the menu based on ingredients found at the Balaton and Bakony. The kitchen’s own herb and vegetable garden, as well as a seasonal menu ensure that only the best is served on our plates.