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Egy fejezet lezárul... ...but the story is not over yet.

Dear Guests!
We would like to share with you the news that our restaurant will close on September 27, 2021. In the next period we will focus on relaxation, development of a new concept and renewal.

Those who have a gift voucher can still visit the bistro until September 27, after that you only redeem the vouchers for wine.

We hope to see you in September!

01 / 04
Our Bordeaux blend wine, the red version of the Tramontana has been completed! Taste our sponsor wine to help the legendary cruiser survive! BUY THE WINE 01 / 04
Furmint-Olaszrizling sparkling wine in "demie" bottle, made by traditional method, finished without degorging.
Rich and juicy, exciting and eccentric.
TASTE IT! 02 / 04
For us Csopak means the middle of the Earth. We live here, in harmony with nature, and show the diversity of our lands through our wines.
Special soils, unique vineyards and microclimate.
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OUR ESTATE 04 / 04



“Lake Balaton is such a timeless region of the world, where people have lived in harmony with nature and enjoyed life for thousands of years. In 1994, our family laid the foundations of the wine mansion on Szitahegy in Csopak for this purpose as well.

We built up our winery slowly, making just as much wine as needed each year. From the mid-2000s, the vineyard grew by one hectare every year, and there was a demand for quality gastronomic experience, too. Our winery and our year-round bistro have been hand-in-hand since 2014 and are holding on together: the goal is to give the best available quality in glasses and on the plates also.

Today, we cultivate vines on nearly 16 hectares, engaging in organic farming, and bottling our wines with the least possible intervention, in many cases unfiltered and uncleared, to preserve most of what nature has given us.

On our estate, named after St. Donat, the patron saint of Csopak vineyards against summer storms, we strive to pass on with our wines and regional cuisine a little of what Lake Balaton and the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region mean to us. “


"We are a family estate on a human scale. The vineyards surround us, we live in it.
That is why we have been cultivating our areas with sufficient sensitivity from the beginning and the protection of our environment is so important to us."


15 hectares, organic cultivation, gentle processing, short skin contact, spontaneous fermentation and long maturation. We make wines that express the unique character of Csopak, Tihany and the Káli Basin, just as we focus on regional flavors and ingredients in the estate kitchen.


Fresh wines and the favorites of our customers  – month by month.

  • 5BAR Brut Nature (Unfiltered)

    3.000 Ft
  • Magma Kékfrankos 2018

    5.600 Ft
  • Csopak Olaszrizling 2019

    3.000 Ft
  • Rosé 2020

    2.800 Ft
  • Slikker Olaszrizling 2017

    5.000 Ft


  • ADDRESS 8229 Csopak, Szitahegyi út 28.
  • PHONE +36 20 928 1181
  • Email