The Family Estate

The estate was founded in 1994 by the Kovács family. However, their predecessors’ attachment to grapes and wine reaches further back in history. The paternal line of the family can be traced back 200 years in Csopak, while the maternal line has its origins in the Kál Basin. Both lines brought their love of grapes and wine with them, along with their winemaking traditions. The new generation is now represented by three siblings, of whom Tamás is the manager of the winery and the restaurant.


Szent Donát

The estate in Csopak reached 3 hectares. The main building, built in the Balaton style and planned by Endre Szűcs, was erected, along with the first portion of the underground cellar. The fertile land yielded 8-10 thousand bottles of exceptional crop. The wine terrace located in front of the cellar became a favourite of many in the summer. The winery and the estate was named Szent Donát, after the patron saint of Csopak.


Cellar Expansion

The estate expanded by one hectare annually, and the increasing number of bottles meant that the cellar system would need to be expanded further with the addition of a new section. During this time Szent Donát’s first vineyard’s reference wines, which are available on the wine lists of the top domestic restaurants, are also being exported. The kitchen and terrace, which are the foundations of the restaurant, were built on top of the new section of the cellar.


Carved into the Codex

The Codex of Csopak was created jointly by the region’s leading producers. The Codex of Csopak is a trademark registration system developed for vineyards in Csopak with high quality produce. The winemaker of Szent Donát – Tamás Kovács is one of the founders of the initiative, and also the system’s charge d'affaires.



Next to Csopak in Paloznak and Tihany, the estate gained more property. Alongside the classic Csopak hill wine, and the Codex vineyards selections, Szent Donát’s first soil selections MÁRGA and MAGMA were completed using the vintage from 2013. In order to strengthen the gastronomical context of the estate’s kitchen, important professional developments were made. The restaurant, while undergoing renewal and transitioning to year-round work.



In Szentbékkálla, located on the Fekete Mountain in Kál, the estate expands further with property and a wine cellar from the maternal line. In conjunction with the expansion, the grapes of Szent Donát become registered as organically farmed produce. The now 15-hectare estate is preparing for yet another cellar expansion…