We welcome you all year round!

Owner and CEO

Tamás Kovács

Head chef

Zoltán Endrédi

Executive chef

Roland Varga

Menü *

Előételek / Starters

Vadnyúl, gyökérzöldségek – 2290.- 

Hare, root vegetables

Kacsamáj, mák, alma, naspolya – 3190.- 

Duck liver, poppy seed, apple, medlar

Levesek / Soups

Fácán erőleves, bárány fasírt, daragaluska – 1690.-

Pheasant consommé, lamb meatloaf, grits dumpling

Sütőtökkrémleves, füstölt libamelles túrógombóc – 1690.-

Pumpkin cream soup, smoked goose breast, cottage cheese dumplings

Főételek / Main courses

Préselt mangalicapofa, sült libamáj, csicsókapüré– 3790.-

Mangalitza pork cheeks, goose liver, jerusalem artichoke puree

Borajánlás: Szent Donát Kishegy 2015 (olaszrizling)

Jércemell, rizses cékla– 3990.-

Breast of chicken, beetroot with rice

Borajánlás: Szent Donát #talajsztori Blanc 2016

Mangalica tarja, rókagombás gerslirizottóval- 4590.- 

Mangalitza spare ribs, pearl barley risotto with chanterelle

Borajánlás: Szent Donát Magma 2017 (kékfrankos)

Libamell, batáta, burgonyagombóc, gomba– 4590.-

Breast of goose, sweet potato, potato dumplings, mushroom

Borajánlás: Szent Donát Rosé 2017 (merlot, zweigelt)

Vaddisznószűz, kéksajtos burgonyapüré, “Magmás” körte- 4990.- 

Fillet of boar, mashed potato with blue cheese, “Magma” pear

Borajánlás: Szent Donát Magma 2017 (kékrankos)

Borjúszűz, zöldborsó püré, burgonya, gomba, kacsamáj- 7200.- 

Fillet of  veal, green pea puree, potato, mushroom, duck liver

Borajánlás: Szent Donát Magma 2017 (kékrankos)

Desszertek / Desserts

Túrógombóc, kékfrankos sorbet – 1490.-

Cottage cheese dumplings, blue frankish sorbet

Mákos kalács, meggy, mák fagylalt – 1490.-

Poppy seed scone, sour cherry, poppy seed ice cream

Balatoni sajtválogatás – 2290.-

Cheese selection from balaton

*Étlap változtatás jogát fenntartjuk!

Regional Bistro

A serious estate on the Balaton cannot function without a good kitchen. Our Bistro is the estate’s calling card. The place where the threads of the work done among the grapes, in the cellar and the kitchen come together to form one cloth.

It is important to us that the cellar’s carefully produced terroir wines are presented in the suitable gastronomical context. The main pillars of the kitchen are freshness and regionalism. Our chef Zoltán Endrédi and his team created the menu based on the main ingredients found in the Balaton and Bakony regions. The kitchen has its own vegetable and herb garden, as well as a seasonal menu, which ensures that only the best is placed on each plate.

Table with a view

Our bistro’s terrace is one of the rare viewpoints where two thirds of the lake is visible. We believe in a Balaton with four seasons, therefore we are open all year round.

In the summer, the terrace expanded with a guest area has the capacity to hold 80 guests. This period is our high season, when we recommend the reservations be made several days in advance. We can only serve small groups during this time, and only during weekdays. Unfortunately we are unable to host weddings.

During the autumn and winter the guest area is the internal portion of the bistro with the capacity to serve 40 people. From here, the landscape can be viewed through the large glass windows. This is a much quieter period, when there is more time for creativity and professional work. This is when the new vintage wines are brought up from the cellar. We organize wine tasting events at this time. We also invite other wineries and restaurants to cook and hold wine dinners together.