Five villages, one terroir

In the context of wine history the name Csopak has two meanings:

Firstly, the Csopak area, located in the north-eastern region of the Balaton, is an independent historic wine growing site.

Secondly, Csopak is also the name of a specific type of wine, which is made exclusively from the Olaszrizling and Furmint grape varieties grown in the vineyards belonging to its five villages.

Olaszrizling and Furmint

Olaszrizling most likely made its appearance during the first half of the XIX. Century through Austrian mediation. It became one of the main components of the different grape varieties planted in Csopak during that time, like Furmint, and many now forgotten local varieties.

The phylloxera epidemic during the second half of the century completely destroyed all grape crops in the area. Following the epidemic, winemakers put their bets on Olaszrizling as they began reconstructing their vineyards. However, for each large cutting, a smaller cutting of Furmint was also planted. The marriage of both types not only produced better results together, but the Olaszrizling’s round and oily charm, and the tight acidity of Furmint used in the correct ratio also moderated the differences of each vintage very well.


Hill wine and Single Vineyard

The wine in Csopak is separated into two quality categories, Hill Wine and Single Vineyard Wine.

The growth of both categories are regulated by the local Csopak OEM protection of origin. The basic requirement is that both categories of wine must be produced using the Olaszrizling and Furmint grown in the closed terroir. Altering the sugar content of the must is forbidden. Strict rules apply to the vine weight and quantity of the grapes. Only classic dry wine is permitted to be produced and bottled when made available on the market.

Hill Wine is the blend of the terroir’s vineyards, the hill’s main wine. Single Vineyard Wine is exclusively the produce of one vineyard, and the rules which apply to its production are even stricter than those applied to the Hill Wine.

Codex of Csopak

The Codex of Csopak is a production code created jointly by the winemakers, whose goal is to create a wine style in the common terroir. The Codex is separated into four pillars which encompass strict rules for the production of vineyard wine in Csopak.